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James Cox
     I have sold approx. 2000 homes since 1994.  I worked 12 years for 4 home builders, VP of 
Sales for 2 of them.  I've been a agent since 2006 and sell more than 50 sales a year.  I'm a licensed broker in Indiana and Kansas.  I'm rated in the top 6% of brokers nationally. I'll help you find the best community and house then negotiate the lowest sales price possible, I promise!  
                                                     James Cox
317 370-3339
                       317 370-3339    Since 2006    Carmel, IN.  
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           Carmel, Indiana

     317 370-3339
1248 Pawtucket dr., Westfield, IN.
Centennial community! 
Price Reduced Pending! 
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15460 Old Pond Circle, Noblesville, IN.
Deer Path master plan communtiy
Price Reduced!  Pending!
        Stuart and Morgan
   Buying their Beazer home
            Tom and Brad
   Closing on their Pulte home
                        James Cox
       Buyer Specialist. Builder Specialist. 
Former home builder: 
-Sales person
-Sales manager
-Division sales trainer
-Vice President of Sales
-12 years, over 1200 sales

I know how to negotiate with home builders. Call me.